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The renewed marches wanders at few steps from the hotel will throw the visitor in a unique and natural world.

Conero Mountain is the central point of the Conero Park which is a protected area and includes the territory of the Ancona district, it also includes the nearby towns of Camerano, Numana, and Sirolo. t was established in 1987, but its managing authority, the Consortium of the natural Conero Park only began in 1991.

Sirolo has four beaches : Urbani,San Michele, “Sassi Neri” and “Due Sorelle” beach.

The first beach is the most accessible, which is made up of rocks and gravel, set into the cliff at the foot of the residential area of Sirolo. It is 300 meters from the residential area of Sirolo and it can be reached by foot along a path from Sirolo.

San Michele is a long beach of pebbly stones and rocks which meanders to under the Conero, to the North side of the residential area in Sirolo. It is 500 meters from the residential area of the village and it can be reached by walking along a path which goes down from the Repubblica Park or by bus shuttle service offered by the local council.

Sassi Neri beach was named because of numerous black rocks in the sea and because of the rocky plates present on the shore. It is considered an outstanding naturalistic beach and is characterized by rocky plates, small clefts and from pebbly beaches. It is 500 meters from the residential area and it can be reached along a path that starts at the Republica Park.

“Le Due Sorelle” beach represents Conero Riviera with her sea stacks (the two sisters) that are the symbol of Sirolo. Made up of white pebbles and from rocky spurs which is enclosed by the Conero cliff. t can be reached by a path “Passo del Lupo” (very dificult) or by sea with ferry-boats, boats, rubber boats and canoes.

These last two beaches are not provided with any facilities in order to maintain their natural condition. Sirolo and its beaches have been awarded the “Blue flag” for the last few years .


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